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October is here which means so is my favorite holiday. HALLOWEEN! While music production gets less of my attention than podcasts these days I always manage to have my hand in some Halloween compilation album each year. Of course, same goes for Halloween themed podcast specials, too.

Here I will highlight the compilation albums released for All Hallows that I produced and released with the Electronic Musicians Group.

While the Electronic Musicians Group has been inactive for some time the music collective I lead was very active for several years. From 2012 to 2015 we released a Halloween album each year featuring a wide variety of electronic music from the EMG members. On the first volume you can hear one of my pre-synthwave tracks when I was releasing music as CTRL_ALT_DSTRY.

Volume II features possibly my first real dive into synthwave before I knew that term even existed. Upon initial release I was going by the previous artist title but have since revised it. In a way, that is the first SuperScience track.

I’m also on The Last Halloween Vol. III but that’s not to overlook ALL the awesome music on each of these albums. There are some amazing artists on these compilations.

The final Halloween album to come from the group was the appropriately titled “The Final Halloween”. My SuperScience contribution on this one was a collaboration with long-time friend Louie Kiefer, working under his artist title of Subliminal Hit. The album also features a track from my dark ambient project, Audio Snuff.

Those are the albums I produced myself for Halloween. In a later post I may collect the compilations I’ve taken part in from other groups and labels.